{Synthesis Materials} - {Do you need any help?}

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{Synthesis Materials} - {Do you need any help?}

Postby Drizz on Sun Aug 08, 2010 5:30 am

Mostly cheap crap that I don't want to bother selling that I've been hoarding for a few years, but let me know if any of this is useful to you (to use, not sell).

Shagreen x7
Dweomer Steel x 17
Flan Meat x11
Apkallu Egg x3
Apkallu Feather x29
W. Spider's Web
Turquoise x7

Legionaire's Leggings

Armor Box
Gelatin x17
Sleepshroom x2
Fruit Seeds x3
Grain Seeds x8
Wildgreen Seeds x6

Gold Lobster X11
Crayfish x8
Shall Shell x5
Quus x3

<1 stack of any crystal except earth & lightning
Ancient Blood (dark element furninshing)
Hachimaki +1
Federation Sitabaki

Tin Ingot x4
Insect Wing x8
Bird Feather x7
Bone Chip x4
Black Tiger Fang x4
Dryad Root x11
Black Ink
Glass Fiber x6
Firesand x6
Treant Bulb x10
Chimera Blood

Giant Bird Feather x11
Copper Ingot x2
Bronze Ingot x5

Elshimo Frog x11
Colbalt Jellyfish x11
Cone Calamary x8
Holy Bolt x49
Venom Bolt x29
Beetle Jaw x8 (I think I may use for bonecraft, but ask if you need and I'll look at my planned recipes)
Lizard Tail x9
Bomb Ash x4
Beastmen Blood x9
Revival Root x11
Bast Parchment x2
Wamoura Hair
Ladybug Wing x2
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Re: {Synthesis Materials} - {Do you need any help?}

Postby Zenogias on Sun Aug 08, 2010 12:20 pm

I'll take the holy bolts and giant bird feathers. o/
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